Command-line applications for Windows.

Please note that most of these are over 5 years old, so they might be broken.

Las Vegas 777

A slot machine game that I made in 2009.

Pull the lever and get 3 of the same symbols to win. You may hold 2 slots at a time to increase your chances of winning.

Download Las Vegas 777

Local chat program

This batch program lets several users chat, if they all have access to the same folder.

There's a revamped version of this program available in Vanco.

Download Local Chat Program


A self-updating program (powered by wget and 7-zip) that includes the following tools:

  • A kitchen timer
  • A local chat server and client
  • An alphanumeric code generator

The principle of this program is quite simple: it downloads a text file to check the current version, then it fetches the appropriate archive if needed, and unpacks it in its own directory – thus updating itself.

Download Vanco