A collection of programs, web pages and other projects that I made in my free time.

I started with PowerPoint, designing user interfaces back in 2008. Yeah, you've read that right. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Then I moved on to writing batch files, which got me started with programming. Now I tend to make all kinds of graphics when I'm not busy surviving university, which is rarely.

Be warned: some of these things are outdated and broken. However, I'll keep them around as there's still demand for them.

Batch Web PowerPoint

Web projects

  • Stickysweper – a minesweeper variant inspired by the FPS game Team Fortress 2
  • Tile generator – create random patterns using a set of geometric shapes, or upload your own tiles!
  • Tasks – half-finished material design to-do list


  • Las Vegas 777 – slot machine game
  • Local chat program
  • Vanco – a self-updating batch toolkit. Like a prehistoric version of LiberKey.


  • Motion – a PowerPoint OS concept
  • Mouse Hero – following a path with your cursor is harder than you'd think